Thank God It’s Friday!!!!


I am excited about

sleeping in tomorrow, I am back to always being sleepy 247 thanks to the ungodly hours I have to wake up -_-

Today I Am Feeling

kinda sad, my friends leaving tonight, my cousin and her family are leaving tomorrow, this is the suckiest part of January, when the summer bunnies leave.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Swedish House Mafia made sure they go out with a bang by releasing this joint! It is such an amazing song, the positive message is reassuring, the beat is up tempo and exciting. I said this before, if you did not usher in 2013 using this song, you did it wrong!

  This Weekend I

have nothing planned, I will just chill out, finish my Friends marathon, I am on season 5 now, and it never gets old.

I am really craving

fruit juice, so much so, I had to stop at a petrol station to get myself a juice box!

I wish

my things didnt choose this month to get spoilt, from my car speakers, to my blackberry, and now my watch sigh 😦 Fixing them will be such a process.

I hope

things get better, I am tired of always getting disappointed. Why can’t I be those people who have all the luck?

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is


Have A Fantastic Friday!!!


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