My mood = my muse

A lot has happened the past several weeks that I had been dying to blog about, but somehow life just got in the way, and the emotions passed, and somehow I end up forgetting whatever profound thoughts I had planned on writing down.

Once the feelings fade away, the fire to write dies down too. Let’s see if I can conger up enough words to come up with a post for you today.

This is how I imagine subzone sandwiches are made :)

This is how I imagine subzone sandwiches are made 🙂

Now I get men’s obsession with women who can make sandwiches 🙂

So of late I keep having run ins with people from my past, it’s been intense and overwhelming and tempting. But I have always maintained that the past should be left behind, and move on to brighter and better things.


Some wounds have healed, others are just on the verge of healing completely, but if they are messed around with they can definitely bleed again, which is something I am trying to avoid.

But then again, life gets boring being alone, especially when society has made it weird for loners like me to enjoy being alone. I know society doesn’t do it intentionally, I am just the unlucky human who is alone at the moment.


I saw this today and it gave me so much food for thought. Apart from asking God ‘Why oh why am i single? ‘ lol I have sought more face time with him of late than normal. Which is sad because I should be talking to him during all seasons and experiences. Hopefully 2013 I will make that happen more often.



By now you should rest your suspicions, I am blogging about how much it sucks being single during the holidays.  So now that I have been having a lot of time to wallow around in the miasma of my forever aloneness, I realised that I could be part of the problem.

I thought about the many men who I met, and sort of had a flirtationship going on with, but nothing ever solidified so we just remained as friends somehow but not quite. Then the next thing I know, dude is dating someone else, and I’m like



Anyhoosmu, it is after all, their loss.


I am thinking  of making this for Christmass. You hollow out the apples, sprinkle cinammon and sugar and bake them a bit, then fill them with icecream, easy peasy. You guys should try it 🙂

So summer bunny didnt make it for Christmas this year, it has been an awesome, confusion free December. I do miss the plans we used to have though, let us wait for all this nonsense to go down in January. He better not ruin my birthday week again!

The world is supposedly ending tomorrow, at least I will leave a piece of me in this world through this blog.  It also gave me the courage to put my face out there, I have learnt of a new term that I am very wary of >> RCSA. I hope those folders disintegrate tonight lol It is almost midnight in Australia, and it is already tomorrow in New Zealand, and the universe is still standing, maybe the Mayans ran out of paper to continue with their calendar?





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