Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

and Thank God for 3 day weeks!! In my mind it is Wednesday!

I am excited about


Today I Am Feeling

sad and confused at first. I found out Michael, the Manager at Java KMA passed away from a road accident this past weekend. I first met him at Java Junction where he waited tables, then he was moved to Galleria, where he was promoted to Manager, then he was posted to Java KMA. He was that dark, slim, smiley guy, who always checked on customers and made sure you were okay. sigh, may he rest in paradise.

Hearing about his death just made me wonder, we work so hard to achieve something, but once you get there, it can cruelly be snatched away from you at a whim? What is the point?

Rest in Paradise Michael.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

I was not really into this song at first because it sounded like the Afrojack Shermanology song, but it sorta grew on me.

  This Weekend I

will usher in drinkcember with colour and pomp 😉 I love December!

I wish

money grew on trees :p

I hope

it doesnt rain this weekend, Amen!

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Lindsay & Austin // Engaged

Have  A Fantastic Friday!!!


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