Unapologetic – Rihanna

This is Rihanna‘s 7th studio album, and the fourth album she has released in November, seems like it has become a trend for her.

She has released an album every year since she started singing from 2005, except from in 2008. Despite the fact that this lady is controversial  you have to give her props for being so hard working, it is no surprise that she is the worlds biggest pop sensation.

I got my hands on the album today, and I loved it so much I was compelled to do a review immediately. Here is my take on Unapologetic.

Fresh off the runway

This song is a bit too noisy for my taste, I do not fancy it much.  The song is produced by David Guetta and written by The Dream.


I did not like the video for this song at all, simply because there was nothing new about it. It is done in black and white, she is barely dressed and blowing smoke which we saw in the videos for  Take Care and You Da One.

I prefer the bonus Diamond track in the album rather than the original. The base and the beats on the Dave Aude remix makes it my favorite version. The Gregor Salto downtempo remix like the name suggests is more down tempo in comparison to the remix and the original.

This song was written by Sia and produced by Stargate and Benny Blanco.

Numb Ft Eminem

Rihanna has this habit of having very repetitive choruses like we found love, where have you been, and now numb.  Maybe that is her winning formula for creating hits, because this song is very catchy.

Pour it up

This is actually my least favorite song in this album, I find it too repetitive and bland. Turns out it was produced by Michael Williams who was also behind Bands to make her dance, one of my favorite jams.

Loveeee Song ft Future

This is that baby making jam! Future does a fantastic job on the hook, we can even forgive him for going the autotune route. The song was also written by him too.  It is a typical love song, everybody needs love and affection. I love how him and Rihanna harmonize towards the end.


This song has a dubstep reggae feel to it, which makes it both unique and a thrill to listen to. Rihanna also samples Ginuwine’s hit My Pony for the chorus, singing it in that sultry way that she has made us accustomed to.

Right Now Ft David Guetta

Rihanna + David Guetta  = Certified Banger! That is what you get when you combine Rihanna’s vocals and David Guetta’s beats, a fusion of pure perfection.  The hook is catchy, and easy to sing along to (the secret to having a hit song IMO). I think ‘We are young right now’ is a better motto than ‘YOLO’. The song was written by Neyo and Ester Dean.

 What Now

The beauty of this woman is that she somehow manages to sound different in some songs, and I love how she sounds in the beginning of each verse of this song. The instrumentals are quite something as well, especially at the chorus. She should shoot this video by the beach, when the tide is high and the waves are hitting rocks during the chorus.

Stay Ft Mikky Ecko

I like the simplicity of this song, Rihanna’s voice with the piano playing in the background. This song exhibit’s the prowess of her voice, and pairing up with Mikky Ecko makes this joint sound simply divine.

 Nobody’s Business Ft Chris Brown

The world went insane when it was discovered that Rihanna was back with Chris Brown, even after the domestic abuse she went through with him. This song seems to be their response to everyone, it is none of our business.

Following the success of the birthday cake remix, this duet is even better. No one can deny that they sound good together. I think they sound happy. There truly isn’t another love like theirs.
Rihanna once again samples the vocals of the late Michael Jackson from the song ‘The way you make me feel’ making the song sound even better.

Love without tragedy/ Mother Mary

These two songs seem like a summation of Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown, it is like a subtweet in the form of song. They were both written by The Dream

Get it over with

I love how the male vocals in this track blend well with Rihanna’s to create the perfect harmony.  I consider this the RnB pick of unapologetic, the acappella creates a beautiful melody, I love it.

No Love Allowed

Rihanna will always stay true to her Barbadian roots, and this song with its reggae vibes is proof. This song is the best anthem for women who are still addicted to those men who are totally wrong for them.

Lost In Paradise

I am really digging this song, it’s upbeat and just makes you want to jump around like a lunatic. Dubstep lovers, this one is definitely for you. It was produced by Stargate and written by Ester Dean.

Half Of Me

I think Rihanna is trying to tell the world that the things we see on the media featured about her are only half of her, there’s a whole lot more to her than we think … apparently.

The song was written by Emelie Sande and Adele.

In a nutshell, I think Unapologetic is an amazing album, and I give it an 8/10. Rihanna keeps redefining herself with each new album not just with her music but her looks too. I like the fact that she is not monotonous, and does not fear change. If you are a Rihanna fan, you will definitely love this album.


3 thoughts on “Unapologetic – Rihanna

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  2. Rihanna’s vocals are amazing!!i love the way she tries to play around with them in each song(unapologetic album).thumbs up Riri!!

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