Cool things I stumbled upon on the internet today

Nothing like some good old internet to start your Monday off on a high 🙂

My friend shared a link about celebrity couples who people may not know about, and it was a surprisingly good read, I live for such information.

Here are a few couples who I would have never imagined were dating.

They’ve been married for 11 years!!! Their household must be filled with nothing but laughs!

I have always loved Mathew Perry! Chandler was one of my best characters in Friends, and I loved him even more because he reminds me of my cousin who passed away.  I would never even imagined him and Liz Caplan would ever have dated!

From Ryan Gosling to this? Racheal McAdams down graded #imjustsaying

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross was definitely the biggest shocker. She is 29 and he is 48!!! Age is clearly just a number!

Check out other surprising celebrity couples here.

Some people take their obsessions too far. Valeria Lukyonova, a Ukranian woman underwent intensive plastic surgery to transform herself into the human Barbie doll. She had some excellent doctors because she looks exactly like the doll!

The AMAs went down last night, and here are my 2 favourite outfits of the night.

I loved Pink’s hairdo, so cool, I wish my hair could do that. I dug her dress too, the sheer skirt made her look tres feminine.

I love everything about Ginnifer Goodwin‘s look. Her pixie cut is so pretty and this dress!! She looked elegant in her pink dress, her legs are to die for and her purse is so fetch!

Fight the Monday Blues with this awesome mix by Dj Ray, music is always good food for the soul. It is such a  shame mixcrte doesnt have an embedded music player smh.

Someone shared a very awesome short sci-fi film from youtube. It always amazes me the talent the world has, the storyline is out of this world and the implementation is even more awesome.

Hope you enjoyed my internet finds. Happy Monday Lovers :-*


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