Thank God It’s Friday!!!!


I am excited about

Halloween 🙂

Today I Am Feeling

happy, excited 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Jack Rooster is fast becoming one of my favorite deejays, his house mixes rock, make sure you tune into his show Cafe Mocha on Homeboyz Radio every Saturday from 1pm – 3pm. I had the pleasure of meeting him last Sunday at The Tribe for Sunday Sundown, he is not only easy on the eye 😉 but very humble too!

This Weekend I

will be that chic giving my pal mad groupy love as he djs for the first time at a gig, so excited for him 🙂

I am really craving


I wish

Today was a public holiday le sigh.

I hope

I find some cool things when I go shopping kesho.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘Our task is to make ourselves architects of the future.’

Have A Fabulous Friday!!!


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