Humpday Musings

  • We all have our Judas moments sadly.
  • Westgate cupcakes and Onami cocktails are the truth.
  • Once in a while, people will surprise you, and not necessarily in a good way.
  • Do not pee in the wild, there are prickly things and passersby.
  • Nairobi is extremely small, it is now 2 degrees of separation.
  • You can have fun even at your brokest moments. I really lived beyond my means this weekend, but somehow I still managed to have fun and not remain with zero bob as I thought I would.
  • BACON!!!!
  • Cancer needs to be taken down, before it kills all of us L My aunt lost her battle with Breast Cancer on Saturday, she had been suffering for a while, but I am glad she is at peace now. I spotted this picture and it has almost killed me!

  • Sometimes you may get what you yearned for, question is, what will you do with it once you get it?
  • Dj Cortega really looks and dances like David Guetta. Electrafique Djs and the beat parade have the most awesome gigs.
  • His and hers outfits are extremely lame, let that ish die!
  • Sometimes you can sleep for a short amount of time and feel like you have slept forever, then a few hours after you woke up, the burn out hits you!
  • I wish there was no S.I. Unit of what the best body shape is! IRN I need to go back to the gym lol
  • Matte nail polish!!!  A big shout out to my friend, who I know will read this for hooking me up, my nails look so fab!

8 thoughts on “Humpday Musings

    • I cannot afford my old one anymore lol i am hoping to source for a new one soon. As for my Judasy moment lol I am too ashamed, but for the record, I did not betray anyone, I denied them, or is that the same thing?

  1. …hook a girl up with info on where to get that matte nail polish. Apparently most beauty shops I have visited have ABSOLUTELY no idea what that is – I Know Right!!! – made me want to shake someone and ask Kalucy’s kinda questions. Hehehe…

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