Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

and I am in bed 🙂  it does not get sweeter than this!!!!

I am excited about

a possible get away soon, fingers crossed it works out.

Today I Am Feeling

lazy, getting out of this bed is a task! Plus I am sad, how has this week just flown like that?!

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Antenna by Fuse ODG, the youtube videos for the dance competition are awesome!!

I stumbled upon this one today. But I still prefer this one below, they dance better.

I am that chic who is going to cram these moves and burst a move on every dance floor :p

This Weekend I

wont do so much, sema broke :p

I am really craving

something from Big Square, I swear that place is addictive, shindwe!

I wish

my holiday was not ending so soon 😦

I hope

next week will not be too rough on me.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

‘If they treat you like an option, leave them like a choice’

Have a Fantastic Friday 🙂


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