Nairobi Fashion Market Finds

Nairobi Fashion Market went down this past Saturday at the Impala Grounds and of course I found my way there. Various exhibitors were showcasing their goods and services there.

Majority of the exhibitors were selling clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and toiletries.I found some awesome things at such a great price. If I had more money I would have bought so much more.

A Blue Collar necklace going for Kshs 800 I have been dying for a collar necklace

I LOVE Butterflies! I got this necklace for Kshs 500

I got these studs at Kshs 100 each.

Move over Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works, there is a new line in town. The I Love…. line is a new entrant in the market and they have an assortment of products retailing at affordable prices. They had very good deals at Nfm. I got this Blueberry lotion and Coconut body butter at Kshs 799 in total! I have already started using the Blueberry lotion, and they make me smell good enough to eat! You can find these products at the Mimosa Pharmacies located at most of the major malls, and at some beauty product shop next to Super Cosmetics whose name I forget.

Make up bags Kshs 700 for all 4

I was partciularly happy about getting these bags because some stalls were selling the 4 bags at Kshs 2000 and another one was selling them at Kshs 1500 si i thought 700 was quite the bargain.

Purple earrings @ Kshs 350

Green earrings @ Kshs 350


I hope you now believe me when I say that Nairobi Fashion Market is an event you should never miss out. The next nfm will probably be in March, and God willing by then I will be able to display some of my goods. I will keep you posted 🙂





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