My debut at Concours

I am really stoked that I finally have a post worthy of my few male readers 🙂 If you are subscribed here, you better like this because I am pretty excited to share this with you 🙂

So last week, my friends halad at me and offered to give me complimentary tickets to Concours D’ elegance! That has never happened to me before, as in someone randomly offering me free tickets and was not tryna get into my pants lol

On Sunday, I headed for Ngong Racecourse armed with my sunglasses and camera to see what Concours had in store for me. I made the mistake of wearing sandles, and there was a lot of dust which is definitely not a good look.

The crowds showed up in plenty, ready to be wowed by all the fancy cars, both vintage and brand spanking new.  We found the judges assessing a car that was on the podium, so we moved along to the lot where the participants had parked their cars. Majority of the cars were freshly waxed, with surfaces so shiny you could see your reflection, and engines so clean you could probably eat off them.

I honestly was not going to take pictures because my friend was busy showing off with his snazzy Sony camera, but we got such a great spot during the parade, I could not ignore such a great photo opportunity.

The Starehe Boys band was beyond amazing!!! They belted out all sorts of songs from Viva La Vida to even dancehall songs which I cannot remember at the moment.

The ‘village’ if I could call it that had all sorts of stands, from a Kenchic van, to Steers and Debonairs, Dormans, Carnivore, there was practically something for everyone.

In a nutshell, I had a blast, and I am already looking forward to the next edition 🙂



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