1st of the month


Yes, I know today is the 2nd, but Monday’s are not so fun :p

September Highlights

I must say, September was a lot of fun 🙂  It first started off quite busy, but it eventually eased up and now it is all gravy, I got my social life back 🙂

First up, my hard work finally paid off, and I am nothing but grateful to the most high. Now I am facing new challenges, and I really pray that this will all work out in the end.

My friend got married earlier this month, I pray they have a blessed and happy marriage. My other 2 friends got engaged too, so yes, the pressure is piling up.

A little birdie told me about some good news, and I pray for them too 🙂
I met some really cool people, and got to kick it with some old friends which is always fun.

I went for Earthdance with my buddies and it was crazy!!!! I was lucky enough to avoid the crazy traffic thanks to my good friend the psycho driver lol. Masai Lodge was too far, and I really hope they never take it there again. Plus it was super dusty, cold and the stairs?!!! The exit was like a mountain hike! So many stairs!!!!! The music was very awesome though, my favourite set was by Lady Lea from South Africa.

Photo by Rizwan Ibrahim, check out his album here.

Last weekend was pretty amazing too, perfect ending to the month. A lot of alcohol was involved *face palm* but it came with lots of fun.

I attended Concours D’ elegance (sp) for the first time ever, keep it locked for my post on it.

September Downsides

I did not attend this year’s Safari Sevens, Earthdance was too heavy, but I dont think I missed out too much.

My folks got robbed of their gadgets 😦

My Blackberry is spoilt 😦 The touch screen is messed up for some reason.

September Discoveries

I am psychic!! I think about people, and they appear in less than 10 minutes! These are like people who are meant to be miles away, and they just appeared in front of me like magic!

I have been having the most interesting conversations with my mother lately. Who needs Cosmos when she is available to share her insights about practically everything!

This new hair of mine is banging!!!!

What I Look Forward To In October

Nairobi Fashion Market, Swahili Fashion Week and The Kitenge Festival, so much to look forward to when it comes to Fashion.

I hope I will get to go on leave this month, I am beyond exhausted!

How was September for you? What are you looking forward to in October?

Kisses and cookies,

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