Thank God It’s Friday!!!

This week was just hard!! I am overjoyed it is finally over!

I am excited

about my friends wedding today 🙂

Today I Am Feeling


My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

These Teddy Bears can dance!!! They brought the house down at the Fahrenheit Party in June! I would love to watch them again!

This Weekend I

have nothing major planned, I just want to take a chill pill.

I am really craving

Spa Treatment

I need a back rub, I dunno what has been happening to my bag, but it’s been killing me. I would love to go to Kaya Spa at The Tribe. My ex took me there during our first month together, it is an amazing spa! Must take myself there soon.

I wish

the sun would shine! This weather is not conducive for getting dolled up!

I hope

things will ease up, and that this new opportunity will make things better..

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fantastic Furahiday!!



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