Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

So glad this week is finally over!!!

I am excited about

seeing him *swoon*

Today I Am Feeling

I must hug a gorrilla or a monkey once in my life 🙂

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Dedix for my current crush :p

I had not watched this video in a minute. It really sucks when you are in a relationship, and one person initiates the break up, and they move on to the next one, and they leave you hanging on the moments you had together smh.

This Weekend I

hope I will find time to make some stuff, but otherwise I have nothing major lined up.

I Am Really Craving

a high low skirt!!! I want them really badly.

I wish

bad things never happened to good people.

I hope

I can conquer my shyness and believe in my flyness #yeezyytaughtme

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fabulous Friday!!!


4 thoughts on “TGIFridays!!!!

  1. ..I feel you on the high-low skirt. Have you been to the Mr. Price? They have ’em stocked though in my opinion they failed to capture the real deal. Oh well, I think getting me a GOOD tailor is what will work.
    Cheers to the weekend…

    • They have them? I also think getting them tailored is the better option, you an play around with various designs.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • lol I dont post pictures of myself on this blog, but I can recommend good tailors in Nairobi. Search for Itikadi Fashion House on Facebook.

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