1st of the month

Be gentle and delightful…

Good riddance to August, there wasn’t anything nice about it at all. It was filled with trials, tears and tiffs!

August Highlights

I got some lovely new saris from my mum from India, cannot wait to get them properly made 🙂

I discovered a nice new joint for cocktails, Onami at westgate, they are just delicious.

I got to hang with my people for a bit, but other than that, there is nothing much to write home about this month.

August Downsides

I bet you guys saw my melancholic post, I got the most disappointing news this month, luckily I recovered from it, but still it was the worst feeling ever.

Tiffs, so unnecessary… I do not like those things much.. but they are over now, hopefully lessons were learnt.

Work, work and more work, the beginning of the end of my social life.

Many sick people this month, not cool at all.

Violence in Mombasa, thank God my people were safe.

August Discoveries

What is the value of true friendship? Am I a good friend? Are you a good friend to me? I am still pondering on these questions.

For some reason, bad things happen that completely change your mind frame.  Such events are meant to build us I think, and I just hope everything will make me grow into a better person.

I have finally understood why this happened, I think to make me stronger, to make me realise that even if I did not get what I wanted, it is not the end of the world.

Life still confuses me…. wish I could get access to my blue print.

What I Look Forward to In September


How was your August? What do you look forward to in September?

Kisses and cookies,


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