Fashpiration – Fashion Inspiration

I am a huge fan of fashion blogs and I really need to share 2 new ones that I discovered recently.

I stumbled on Fatshion Insider yesterday and I was amazed. Kellie is a plus sized blogger from America and she describes her blog as a fun chronicle of what she loves to wear.

I absolutely love her accessories, bags and shoes, and her clothes. She really keeps up with the fashion trends and is proof that in America they cater for plus sized girls.

Kellie is confident and stylish, she wears whatever she wants despite her size. She truly is inspiring. I always have moments where I am hesitant about wearing some clothes because my arms look to flabby, or my tummy looks big, or too much cleavage etc, but going through her blog has reminded me that I need to love my body and to do me!

She is so bold!

Here are some other outfits which caught my eye from her blog that I loved:

This is Ess is a blog I discovered a few weeks ago, by Ess, a photography loving, nail polished obsessed, very beautiful girl from Kenya ok I will stop there before my girl crush starts to show :p

Am I lying?

She has the prettiest accessories, shoes and handbags, I would love to raid her wardrobe! She also shares where she buys her stuff from which gives us a good idea on where to shop.

She does her make up impeccably, and I love her lipstick stash. Her pictures are of fantastic quality thanks to her Canon camera Binti, I really think she should be a professional model, she does it so well. I saw her at Nakumatt Junction and nearly ran after her to meet her, but I thought it would be weird lol.


I love the high bun

There you have it, 2 blogs to inspire you 🙂


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