Olympics Optical Nutrition

Everyday we keep spotting more and more eye candy, so I decided to do another post thanks to people’s awesome suggestions.

Marcel Nguyen is half German, half Vietnamese but was representing Germany in this years Olympic gymnastic games. He has such a cute smile, hot bod and I am digging his tattoo!

Ashton Eaton from the USA is a decathlon participant in London 2012, quite the looker as well.

Christophe Lemaitre is a 100m runner from France, those dimples my gosh!!

I have just discovered Park Tae Hwan, a swimmer from South Korea.

I had to add this Ezekeil Kemboi gif because it is simply hilarious, and it will definitely put a smile on your face.

Look at his knees, they look like they can hurt someone ha ha ha. But big up to him, he won us our first gold medal \o/

After spotting this on the interwebs, I wish I watched soccer. Lucas Moura is a soccer player from Brazil who has just been signed to PSG. I like…


These French men good God!!! Florent Manaudou won a gold medal in swimming. Look at those washboard abs, that tattoo and he has a tongue ring!!! More men need to get those! It’s hot!


He has dimples too!

yebo yes!

Great Britain’s diving team boogey woogeying ha ha ha


Tom Daley is one of the divers, he can giiirrrit!

And he was born in 1994!!! Forgive us Father!



Ni hayo tu kwa sasa 🙂


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