Olympic Appreciation

I will not lie, I had not been bitten by the Olympic bug in the beginning, but now I am totally hooked, simply because I am routing for my country Kenya, and because there is so much eye candy!!!! It all began with swimming, sadly our Kenyan reps, the Dunford brothers did not get any medals, and I cannot find any nice pictures of them online 😦 The highlight was definitely Ryan Lochte, he can soo obtain it.

*wipes drool*


I watched a video mash up of his interviews, the dude is sort of a bimbo (manbo? mimbo?) but with a body like this, he is allowed!


Michael Phelps won 4 gold medals during the London 2012 and 18 gold medals in total to mark the end of his stint in the Olympics.


Chad Le Clos from South Africa totally gave Phelps a run for his money, and he is quite the looker too!

The track and field event also had enough optical nutrition 🙂 To start us off, the very handsome 18 year old Adam Gemili who gave up a career in soccer to run. He is sooooo cute, that smile!!


Mr Ryan Bailey was another looker from the USA.

He cleans up so nice 🙂

Yohan Blake is the young Jamaican cat who has been giving Usain Bolt a run for his money, literally!

Those lips….

Some brand new entrants to the hotties list. I have just tspotted them during the men’s 200M semi finals. James Ellington definitely stood out, the lad from Great Britain is a hunk!

He has 200 tattoos!!

There’s also Mr Jared Connaughton from Canada who made it to the final, I am definitely not missing out on that!


Hamilton Sabot is a French gymnist who has just won a medal, I think silver or bronze, anyhuu he is tres hot!


oui! oui!

These are my favourite  Olympic hotties thus far, if there were some I missed out on, kindly let me know on the comment section so that I can give these games the attention it deserves :p

I also have some eye candy for the fellas, we women are secure enough to spot hot women when we see them, and Katarina Johnson Thompson is definitely gorgeous.

I will definitely be sad once the Olympics come to a close ..


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