1st of the month

Please bring some sunshine along with you!!

July Highlights

July being the birthday month of numerous people that I know, I definitely indulged in a lot of clubbing, dancing and stuffing my face with cake 🙂

Good things happened to many this July and for that we give thanks to the Almighty 🙂

I attended the The Mingle Event for the first time, it was not bad, but I do not think I would go for another one.

The summer bunnies have landed, it is always great reuniting with old friends 🙂

July Downsides

A terrible tragedy fell upon my extended family this month, but it has brought us closer together which is always good.

I was horribly sick last weekend, the amount of pain and discomfort was just horrific. I really need to take better care of myself.

July Discoveries

Material things are just that, material. You came into this world empty handed and you will leave just like that.

Always look on the bright side of life, no matter how bad things may look.

The situation is never as bad as it seems at that moment.

Option or priority, pick one and stay in your lane!

What I Look Forward To In August

Is it sad that the future looks bleak and I have nothing to look forward to?  This is totally work related, my social life will be under hostage le sigh.

How was July for You? What do you look forward to In August?

I leave you with Colbie Caillat whose voice has been playing in my head all morning.

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