I blog because I enjoy writing out my thoughts, it helps to put things in perspective. It is important for me to document some of the things that I go through so that I can have a point of reference whenever I think about what I have learnt throughout the years. My memory is basically Garbage In Garbage Out GIGO  so it is definitely nice to have this blog to go through to remind myself about the mistakes I have made and the experiences I have been through.

I think I have somewhat grown/changed this year. I have always had the policy of doing unto others what I would like them to do unto me. But time and time again I keep realising that people do not give a damn! As a result, I do not give a damn about those who do not give two craps about me either.

I am done with putting the needs of others before mine, I said that before in an old post, but now I actually do it and it feels good. I do not see why I should suffer in order to please others, they do not feel a thing making me do something just to make THEM happy!

By bridges I do not mean people, more like habits. I like having the freedom to do what I want and feel good about it. If you treat me like an option, do not expect me to make you my priority, it is as simple as that.

Sadly, this year I have been disappointed by very many people that I never expected. This has made me wary, and conscious about the things I do, it is never easy loosing faith in people who you believed so much in.

But all hope is not lost..



6 thoughts on “Bonfire..

    • This one is just a cracker like that lol.
      But yes, i thought it was a beautiful quote that we should all internalise 🙂

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