Lovers, Friends and good music!

I am 100% sure that everyone has struggled maintaining a balance between their friends and their significant others SO.

Your friend gets into a new relationship and you have to grapple with the fact that you are not their top priority any more. You must accept the fact that there is a new addition to the group whether you like it or not, and make an effort to accommodate your friend’s SO because they are now a major part of their life.

You meet someone new and you are dying for your friends to like them, because their opinion matters and you want them to like your new SO.

Both sides of the coin are never easy, but it is important to maintain a healthy balance between your friends and your better half.

I am no expert on how to maintain this balance, in fact I always have trouble with this whenever I am in either of the above situations.

I lost myself in my last relationship and I really struggled to make my former SO and my friends happy because both parties sometimes felt neglected. Being the people pleaser that I am, I always used to feel so guilty because it is impossible to please everyone. Hopefully I learnt from my mistakes and will get it right in the future.

I have friends who are in relationships, and I really try and respect that fact, and try to adjust because things have to change. I cannot hog their attention any more or expect them to say ‘How high’ every time I ask them to jump. You have to watch what you say in case you out your friend’s indiscretions by mistake in the presence of their SO’s guilty.

If you manage to get your partner and your friends to get along, and better yet, to like each other, then you are definitely doing it right! Feel free to share how you managed to do this 🙂




ION I really need to share these two very awesome jams that I cannot stop listening to today.

And this banging joint by Taio Cruz. Love this dude’s music, but someone needs to tell him there are other colours in the spectrum, not just black :p

Stay toasty,


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