1st of the month

The month of craziness is upon us, looking forward to fun times ahead 🙂

June Highlights

I  got to do things out of the ordinary this month, went to new places and it was definitely a very nice change.

I went to Crowne Plaza for the first time with my girls one random evening. It was a nice classy place, which is actually not too badly priced. Cocktails are the usual price of between 500 – 750 Kshs, Beers go for Kshs 250, and food ranges between Kshs 500 – 1500 depending on what meal you are having. They also give you complementary nuts and crisps 🙂

Chicken Wings

Mixed platter of sorts with chicken tikka skewers, fish fingers and samosas

I am definitely going back there some time soon 🙂

This past weekend I finally got a whiff of that fresh country air, my friends and I went to a country house in the Rift Valley. It was amazing, fun and relaxing, but really cold. I am so not feeling this Kenyan winter, my bones are not strong enough. There was a sauna and a jacuzzi which was quit relaxing. I had great company though, lots of food and drinks, I really think this should become a monthly regiment 🙂

Blankets, hammocks and wine 🙂

Another highlight of my year was the Fahrenheit concert, it was beyond phenomenal, I think people are now tired of me going on and on about it!

Miss Karun – Camp Mullah

Shappaman – Camp Mullah

K-Cous – Camp Mullah

Blinky Bill – Just A Band

Cleo’s friend

Cleo 🙂

Yes, I was this close 🙂

The Teddy Bears, extremely good dancers

The gig was very well organised, with dome tents and spectacular set up. The performances were amazing as well, really looking forward to the next gig.

I got to spend time with my family and Skype those abroad, I rarely get to Skype, think Iv done it only two other times prior lol but it was nice getting to chat with them and to see them.

I finally saw a silver lining in the clouds, and I really hope all this materialises.

I am an auntie again 🙂

June Downsides

I twisted my ankle and my calf is messed up, not a good time for my legs 😦

There were some people I could rely on, now not so much anymore.

Too many deaths, the gream ripper needs to take a break.

The frustration really escalated to phenomenal levels, but somehow I found a way to get through it by God’s grace.

June Discoveries

Kenya is such a beautiful country 🙂

This world is too small, it has reduced to 2 degrees of separation.

I may need to change my mind set, but right now I am too afraid, but we will see how it goes.

What I Look Forward To In July

The numerous birthday parties for the many July babies.


How was June for you? What do you look forward to in July?


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