Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

First up, my sincere apologies for not doing this post for the past 2 Fridays, life got in the way 😦

Today I Am Feeling

cold, like it is freezing in Nairobi bleh.

My Funky Friday Theme Song Is

Chidinma is receiving massive airplay for the song Kedike, Jankoliko is a great song too, and a much better video, this woman is gorgeous!

This Weekend I

may be going out of town, third wheeling mad lol This is not a good time to be single.

I am really craving

something warm and nice, do not ask me what, because I dunno :p

I wish

life was simple and basic.

I hope

and pray really really really had for God to grant me his favour.

Today’s Inspirational Quote Is

Have A Fabulous Friday!!!

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I am the life of parties I have never attended. I live vicariously through myself.

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