Waking up

I do not know what it is about the weekend that makes me learn the most things. Maybe because it is 2 days of getting to see people I never get to see on a daily basis.

Last week was generally a learning curve for me. I got some revelations about certain areas in my life. There are things I am totally dissatisfied with, and I have made a decision to change that or at least do something else to make me somewhat happier.

Unfortunately, you only know who your true friends are during times of trouble. But when they are in trouble and they do not come to you, it makes you wonder if they think you are a true friend or not.

This weekend, I came face to face with someone who I usually feel awkward around, but this time it was not. It was fun and full of smiles and I am very happy that this is one awkward moment that I hope has died forever. I feel somewhat free, because I usually see this person a lot, and we have very many mutual friends. This feels like a weight has been lifted.

It turns out I can get away with going out in crocs 🙂 I am very proud of this achievement, I never noticed any weird looks, but I will be on the look out for the fashion police in the dailies he he he.

I got to mingle with the people whose tickle I fancy 😉 and I really enjoyed myself.

I had forgotten how blessed I am to be able to do certain things, and the revelation of the joy those things bring me have really enlightened me. This is what passion feels like, for so long I had no clue, I envied people who seemed passionate about something and I watched from afar thinking that it was a sensation I would never experience. But I am glad that I have something to be passionate about.

I feel unappreciated in certain areas of my life, I feel like I do not get recognition for my diligence. I am trying to do something to change this particular situation, and I really hope and pray it will come to pass.

Have a lovely week, and with that I leave you with this awesome song>


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