Butterflies in my tum tum

We learn something new from every single person that we have the pleasure or displeasure of interacting with. We get to know more about the other person, plus we get some insights about our own personalities from them.

Same thing goes for relationships, we learn a lot about ourselves from our interactions with members of the opposite sex, especially from failed relationships. There is a reason those relationships failed, and you partly or wholly contributed to it. It is up to you to learn from it, and use that information to grow into someone better.

Having never succeeded in any relationship forever alone lol  , I try my best to make sure I do not repeat my past mistakes. Sometime’s it is hard because I have to keep reminding myself what was wrong with my previous relationships so as to make sure I do not relive those moments again.

It is especially hard to remember those things when I meet someone new, and I am overwhelmed by excitement and a whole bunch of nerves. Thank God for this blog, because I can refer to it and refresh my memory. One thing’s for sure, I am ready to make it right..

They say that first impressions are very important, so naturally everyone wants to be nothing short of impressive. It takes a lot of work to make a lasting impression, be it in how you look or how you behave. Most of the time I am sure you will not be your usual self, but you will act in a manner which you believe the other party will find to be impressive. In the end, we all want to be liked.

So here I am, growing a bundle of nerves because I am about to meet someone new. It must be a whole lot easier just hooking up with a friend, who already knows all your faults and weaknesses, and accepts you for who you are. But nothing in life comes easy, in fact it is way more exciting when you do not know what is in store for you.

I leave you with this..


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