Obsessed with accessories

Ever since forever I have always been in love with accessories, be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, you name it and I will want it.

I have collected a whole bunch of accessories over the years, simply because when I spot something lovely it is difficult for me to leave it behind. The places where I like to buy stuff are Mr. Price, Woolworths, Identity, 4u2, Maasai Market, the numerous vendors in the streets of town and anywhere else, I do not discriminate.  I have a lot of gifted stuff as well from my family and friends, plus I occasionally raid my mother’s jewellery box, she had some cool pieces back in the day. I also make jewellery so a couple of pieces are my own creations like the long purple feather earring in the picture below.

Thought I would share with you some of my pieces and how I keep them. Maybe you guys can give me suggestions on how to store them better.

Big shout out to my dear friend Coloured In Sepia who got me this fantastic two sided jewellery holder which I love to death!! It has really helped when it comes to storing my earrings, and it has become sort of my mission to completely fill it on both sides. So as you can see, I keep my earrings there and my charm bracelets and my multi fingered rings.

I put up some hooks to hang my necklaces to prevent them from becoming a tangled mess. I think since I started making jewellery I stopped feeling the need to buy necklaces, but I have been spotting some really beautiful pieces that I must buy.

This hot mess is my accessory drawer, which has everything that cannot be hanged or fit into the jewellery holder. I keep my hair accessories here, and bangles, bracelets, crabs, and necklaces. It is not usually so untidy, I try keep them in old chocolate tins as a way of partitioning the drawer.

This was a gift box that I had lying around which I decided to use for my stretchy bracelets that I place on my dressing table.

I use the cover to randomly toss things in there when I am in a hurry or lazy -_-

I use this chocolate tray to store my cocktail rings, my favorite ring is the butterfly, I am kinda obsessed with anything with butterflies.

I keep my other rings in this jewellery box that ws gifted from my aunt. Excuse some of the oxidised rings ti hi hi hi. Some of them are clearly not real silver which I bought knowing that. But here is a tip for you, if you want to buy authentic silver pieces, always look for a small serial number etched into it.

I keep my random studs in this other gifted jewellery box from my cousin.

So there you have it, my jewellery collection at it’s best. If you were ever thinking of gift ideas for yours truly, now you know what my heart desires.

Feel free to share what you have in your jewellery collection too 🙂

Kisses and cookies,


11 thoughts on “Obsessed with accessories

  1. Wow! Are u serious? I only have 3 pairs of earrings of which 2 are studs and 3 neckaces of which i havent worn 2 in the past 2 years. And one colorful ring, a gift. Clearly i’m still a tomboy

  2. I love your collection!! Accesories are so much fun to collect. One question: where can i get a double-sided jewellery holder like that? I need a better way to store my earrings 🙂

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