The confused post

This right here is my song of the day, you can never go wrong with David Guetta and Jessie J murders it on the vocals, love it! I started the day with so much oomph, but this day has just gotten too manic -_-

Well, it is Tuesday now and the day isn’t looking any better. God needs to help me find my purpose right away because this aint cutting it!

My friend has this Joel Osteen book that I go read randomly whenever I go to see him. Today, I asked him for the book, and started shuffling through the pages as I told him about how I believe whatever page I open to read, will be God speaking to me. And indeed he did.

The book said that God did not want us dwelling on the negativity of the past, the shoulda, woulda, couldas. Forget about that failed relationship, that missed opportunity, that failing career. God has more in store for us, but he needs as to relinquish all that baggage in order for us to receive his new blessings. I found this greatly encouraging, even if I am not per se being dragged down by my past, but it really makes me look forward to my future. So if you are reading this, I hope this makes you as hopeful as I am about your future.

In other news, take a look at this picture below and let us ponder about it for a bit:

It is never really straight forward when it comes to this things lol. Which category do you fall under?

I think the absolute worst part about being single (yes, just the way people in relationships keep yapping about their relationships, I will yap about being single, because I am in a relationship with freedom :p) is that you find yourself compromising on your standards.

Anyhoo my point is, lack of attention will make you embrace whatever comes your way, no matter how the person it comes from looks like. Look who aint superficial no more? #growth

It is just Tuesday and so far it has been a rough week, to the point that I found myself anticipating bad things so that I get over the anger before it actually happens :-/ I have decided not to take all this so seriously so my afternoon has improved, and I hope my week improves too.


2 thoughts on “The confused post

  1. I have had a few of these confused posts when it comes to relationships . Umetoka mbali my friend , a little reliance on the Big Man upstairs to help you out goes a long way . Try and make it a daily exercise , seek His guidance and wisdom for the day , what do you have to lose?

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