1st of the month

The best part about May is that it starts with a public holiday, what is there not to love about it?!

April Highlights

I got some brand new gadgets, and I am totally digging them 🙂

I had fun kicking it with my friends, my most memorable nights were the eve of Good Friday which was just insane to say the least, nights at the Brew and my out of town plan.

My cousin went to New York and I got some awesome earrings, thank you doll I totally appreciate it 🙂

April Downsides

I had no solid Easter plans, which was kinda lame, next year I must get away from the city and do something fun.

I got sick a fortnight ago, and it was not pleasant.

I have been struggling not to get caught up in people’s drama..

April Discoveries

I discovered new traits about people that I never new existed sigh.

What I Look Forward to In May

The next public holiday beginning of June 🙂

I am just praying for a lovely month.

How was April for you? What do you look forward to in May?

I leave you with this lovely song I discovered courtesy of Jack Rooster.

kisses and cookies,


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