Mojito’s in the rain

I had a very interesting weekend, which I still cannot get over.

On Friday I managed to dodge the rain and had a few drinks with my girls as we watched guys wallow in the miasma of Nairobi Traffic from the balcony.

The music was really awesome, it was impossible to stay seated, my feet still hurt from all the dancing I did.  The fact that I met my match when it comes to dancing, did not help the situation. This guy was an extremely good dance partner, I had such a blast. I think he may have ruined all other male dancers for me. The number of good male dancers in Nairobi are barely enough as it is. Sad part is, I may never see him again le sigh.

As a typical African woman,  I get very sceptical when a guy tells me I have beautiful eyes. I have heard it a couple of times, but my eyes are just ordinary, normal shade of brown so I find it hard to believe. But I still get cheap thrills from hearing it anyway.

I am still getting over the shock of a guy asking me for my number and he unleashes a kabambe. Those ones with the teeney weeney screens where even your cellphone number cannot be displayed at once you have to scroll to the left smh. That was not the only dealbreaker, he was showing heavage, he was a swahili nation lol but he still mastered the courage to come ask to dance with me so I gave him props for that.

It felt like I was doused in a tub of pheromones and I loved every minute of it 🙂

I also went for a very nice out of town plan, which was awesome and relaxing. I need more trips like those in my life.

Now the rain has decided to rear it’s ugly head, I am now in pursuit of a good pre-public holiday plan le sigh….


6 thoughts on “Mojito’s in the rain

    • The dancer was different from the kabambe guy lol. The kabambe guy made falls claims of being able to unleash crazy dance moves, but he couldnt deliver and i doubt he could have reach the high bar set by the dancer guy 🙂

      • It really was, he even gave a disclaimer before he unleashed it, but that was no excuse lol.
        Thanks for reading 🙂

      • yeah he started saying ‘Do not judge’ as he whipped out his phone from his pocket.
        *insert judgement here* lol

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