Somethings gotta give

I have received numerous queries about why I have not updated my blog in a minute. First up I was very jazzed that you guys look forward to reading my posts, I am so deeply sorry for neglecting you.
Things have been extremely routine and slow, I am not even sure if this is writers block or if I am just simply uninspired.
My life is very lack lustre right now, it revolves around work, the gym, traffic and going out whenever I can.
My mind seems to think I am bored and that the best source of excitement would be from the male species.
Just as I jotted down my daily routine a sentence ago, it hit me that I would not have time for a man, but that is not the point.
I want attention from the opposite sex, someone who will be so consumed with me that he won’t be able to think straight.
I want to have a stimulating conversation with someone intelligent, with an independent mind who values my opinions. It sucks almost always being the one who listens, but is never heard.
I want to meet someone who is passionate about something, preferably artistic in nature. By this I mean, he has an outlet within which he can express himself.
I do not know why, but I miss the butterflies in my tummy as I dress up and get ready for a date. I want to see a face light up in awe, simply because I walked into the room.
I do not remember the last time I blushed, or felt my heart race. Okay, I lie, I do remember, but it was not the most desirable situation so it does not count.
I would love to feel a man’s pulse against my lips, and to revel in the warm embrace of big, strong arms. Yeah, I kinda have a thing for buff men, they just look like the epitome of strength.
I want to feel his warm breathe against my skin, and his hand against the small of my back… Okay I will not continue where this is headed :p
It would be nice to have someone to worry about, and to be cared for in return.
Someone who I can pamper and take care of, someone to call my own.
Remember that awesome feeling when you were thinking of that someone special, and they call as if they heard you summon them with your mind?
I want companionship, but then again I am terrified of it because I do not think I am ready for it.
I diagnosed this condition that I have from a very cool blog I stumbled upon today, whose link I will share with you asap. The disease is known as LBS, Lifelong Bachelorette Syndrome.
I am the proverbial single girl, with very little relationship experience, loose lips but good morals ๐Ÿ˜‰
I have always wondered how people jump from relationship to relationship, right after I die of jealousy over how quickly they move on.
It’s raining. God, I miss cuddling and spooning *sigh*. Where can I find a snuggling partner? Shut up and walk away if your spoken for, forbidden fruit or a punk. Seriously though, there are no men.
Sometimes I wonder, will my life really feel fulfilled if I got all that my heart desires? I had a man last year and there were times I was miserable! Maybe it was because he was absolutely wrong for me. Or it could also be that having a man is not the solution to my current boring state of affairs.
Who knows?!!!!


12 thoughts on “Somethings gotta give

    • I only want the men lol I can take that load off your shoulders.
      Why do I feel like I havent ‘seen’ you in ages?? You dont tweet as often, but thanks for stopping by Revealed ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. “The disease is known as LBS, Lifelong Bachelorette Syndrome. I am the proverbial single girl, with very little relationship experience, loose lips but good morals.”

    Haha and how am I relating to this, but I’m sure eventually that should change or come to pass, then we’ll be looking back and laughing about being young, wild and cray. Yeah, that link???

    • it’s like my luck changed right after this post because I got so much attention like the very next day it was insane!! I hope it wasnt a one time thing though -_-
      Thanks for stopping by Carole ๐Ÿ™‚

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