Growing pains

March is almost over and already 2012 has been one hell of a year.

Maybe it is the effects of growing up, or maybe these are the lessons life wanted me to learn.

Is it me who has changed or the world is changing and now is when I am taking notice?

I have questioned so many things, which I should not be questioning.

Do you really value our friendship?

Who is your allegiance to?

Is this the type of person you truly are?

Why am I judging others when I myself am no angel?

Don’t people have a sense of common courtesy anymore?

Am I over considerate? or don’t other people know how to be considerate?

What do you want from me?

Is all this worth it?

And many more questions keep running through my mind as time goes by and I encounter various situations, hopefully in time I will get them answered or just learn to ignore them.

Maybe I need Scotts Emulsion to help me to grow :p

I need something serendipitious (I totally made that up, stand down grammar nazis) in my life. But instead of waiting for something good, I will make that good ish happen for myself 🙂




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