Me and Mr Wrong get along so good…

I am not really a fan of Mary J Blige, but this is one of her best records in my opinion, simply because so many of us, both men and women can relate to this song. It was written by critically acclaimed producer and song writer Rico Love, who had this to say about the record:

It is an extremely soulful song that expresses the true level of love that a woman can have for a man who is simply no good for her. I wrote it because in many ways I am Mr Wrong.

I know for sure if you are a girl reading this, you are busy yearning for a man who is so not good for you in one way or another.

Meanwhile whilst you are wasting your time chasing after the punks, chances are there is a good guy somewhere dying to get your attention.

I still think nice guys are overrated, they are just bad boys who have not been discovered  (Speaking from experience). I do believe that there are honest good guys out there, but maybe they need to revamp their techniques because most of them are tres boring.

Maybe us women are genetically made not to respond to people who actually are there for you and show you they care, and instead waste time and energy chasing after men who do not call, who just want one thing and vamoos once they get it.

I have had my long string of Mr Wrongs, some are exciting but totally dangerous and wrong for me, others are unavailable but they still think they can waste my time. Why is it that they are the ones with bodies to die for, interesting conversation and fun kinda guys? Notice I did not say hot, I do not know what is going on, but let us just say I got over my superficialness.

I do not even have a Mr Right to settle for or give a chance. But I am glad I have reached a place where I am wise enough to be happy where I am, without Mr Right or Wrong.

I love someecards!!!!

But maybe I should put it out there, that I will give a chance to whoever ‘believe’s’ they are Mr Right 🙂 Or I can have fun with the Mr Wrongs? Only boredom would make me take that route. Now to find ways to entertain myself…



In other news, the final episode of Shuga is out. I hated on Nick last time, but I must admit he is a prolific actor. I really wish they would have properly concluded the Femi, Dala, Miss B and Leo love square situation. But otherwise, it was a great series, and I really hope there will be Shuga 3.

Shuga: Love, Sex, Money – Episode 6 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

Asta la vista babies,


5 thoughts on “Me and Mr Wrong get along so good…

  1. Spot on babe, just how I would’ve said it. Listened to this song the 1st time and thought, this makes so much sense now…lol
    But it’s good when you know that it’s Mr. Wrong, lesser disappointments and what not…yah? #funtimes haha

    • When you know he is totally wrong for you, at least you can expect the worst and know that nothing real can come off it. This is how we girls lie to ourselves lol

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