Message received, loud and clear!!

MTV, PEPFAR and UNICEF are the brains behind Shuga which was launched in 2009. It is a drama revolving around young people and the trials and tribulations of their love lives. I loved the first Shuga, I think it was one of the best dramas to ever be filmed in Kenya, with talented actors, excellent filmwork. They showcased the beauty of Nairobi, how much talent we have in terms of the film and music industry. The story line was gripping, the actors were talented and the message was bang on. This was one of the few local shows which did not make me want to barf when couples made out *thumbs up*.

Come 2012 and they did it again in a bigger and better way by releasing Shuga: Love Sex Money which was 6 episodes long. This time they recruited even more talent, engaging storylines, and famous artists like the likes of Avril, 9con, Banky W and Wizkid.

Shuga is not only interesting but the message really hits home. Check out the first 4 episodes below and I guarantee it will change the course of your thinking.

Shuga: Love, Sex, Money – Episode 1 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

Shuga: Love, Sex, Money – Episode 2 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

Shuga: Love, Sex, Money – Episode 4 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

Side bar:

  • How hot is 9con (Femi) and Nick Mutuma (Leo) ? *Fans self*.
  • Skylux never looks that awesome whenever I go there.
  • The wardrobe and makeup is really top notch!
  • There wasn’t any of that over acting common with Kenyan actors.
  • I wish Lupita Nyongo also acted in addition to her directing role.

Be safe and protect yourself,


6 thoughts on “Message received, loud and clear!!

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I have watched every episode and loved everyone of them. After watching Episode 4 #SpoilerAlert I really saw how our lives can be changed in a fraction of a second because of wrong decisions. I do hope that we all take these lessons very seriously and live our lives right.

    • You have watched till episode 6?! I like spoilers!
      Episode 4 was the most hard hitting, you are very right. One small mistake can change your life forever. Young people today are so careless, this episode also goes to show that that theory of 6 degrees of separation is very real. People sleeping amongst the same social group is never a good idea.
      In addition, relationships can be very tricky, you may think you are very in love, but kumbe your partner has someone else on the side even if you have been nothing but true to them.
      Bottom line is, be very careful who you choose to sleep with, protect yourself and your partner.

  2. on a lighter note how hot is Leo #swoon
    and yes waa truly revealing that was! 1 small lapse in judgement and boom :O
    can’t wait for the next episodes i bet there’ll be a twist!

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