KONY 2012 – Africa we need to start doing something

So I woke up this morning and KONY 2012 was all over the interwebs. Getting information about it was not so easy because it involved long stories and long videos. Watching this video below explains everything, so I hope you have time to wait for this almost 30 minute long video to load and get informed about this movement.

Check out the comments section too.

After watching this video I honestly felt ashamed of myself as a Kenyan, and as an African. So many problems plague this continent, and what most of us do is either ignore them or complain about all our issues, rather than find a solution to combat these problems.

This dude from America was so affected by the story of his friend Jacob (I hope thats his name, I couldn’t wait for the video to load again :p) that he rallied support to get some troops from the US to be posted to Uganda. You can see the Invisible Children have been fighting for a while now, to be heard and to be helped.

Joseph Kony has been in power for over 25 years, and thanks to this video the world is now getting informed about the injustice that is going on in Uganada.

This case may be somewhat controversial seeing that America has been accused several times of interfering in issues that do not affect them, so chances of them sending more troops to Uganda may be somewhat slim. I also hear that the only reason this whole campaign is going viral and that America is interested in Uganda is because they have oil. Who knows!?!

I do not know how plastering the streets of America with KONY 2012 paraphernalia on April 20th will be effective, since it actually involves defacing cities and what not. But that strategy may work in East Africa, for those willing to take part in this.

What I have learned from this campaign is that us as Africans do very little to fight for our own plights. We sit and wait to be helped by ‘higher powers’. Let us take a stand, get creative and find a way to fight oppression, injustices and any other issue that is affecting this continent.

Courage is fear that has said it’s prayer.

Change begins with you and me. So even if you do not believe in this whole campaign, there is no harm in spreading it.



6 thoughts on “KONY 2012 – Africa we need to start doing something

  1. Your statement is so true. There can’t be much harm in getting the word out. Sadly, in America, many people only care about their own problems, which is unfortunate.

    Many people that dislike the idea of getting involved in another foreign conflict when we have so many issues ourselves. I am one of the few people that believes in the power of social media. It has an effect on policies in our country, which is amazing. But that only comes with time, as in all things.The real change will come by spreading the news in Africa, I do believe.

    I hope that some good will come of the entire affair.

    • I think it is the same thing globally, we only care about our own problems, like some guy commented on the video on youtube that people are only concerned with trivial problems like ‘I want candy’ or “I need new clothes’.
      Social media impact is getting stronger in Africa, especially Kenya, hopefully some good will come off it.

    • I just read this link and it gave me a lot of food for thought. Is something really worse than nothing? True we do not have any control over how Invisible Children spend the funds they get from this whole movement. But I think this campaign can inspire people to take action in their own kind of way for their own causes.
      You can travel to Uganda and help the kids who are there, you can be inspired to tackle an issue affecting your very own community.

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