The one without a title

I am lying in my bed, surrounded by darkness this Sunday evening now that power has decided to leave us. I have this grave feeling it will not be back until tomorrow, and strangely enough I have accepted it.
Strange how the one time I decide to skip Blankets and Wine is when the universe is showing me I should have just left the house. But it is no big deal really, I would rather be bored in the house than cough up 1500 bab to go get bored at Mamba. (Lira is such a yawn fest in my opinion)
Today I was the party pooper and nobody even tried to derail me smh.
Now that I am back to my non alcoholic ways, the strange thing is I am waking up feeling so injured as if I seriously indulged in alcohol. I honestly do not get it. Yesterday I was on water, and today I woke up feeling as if I grew an extra head. Maybe I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms or something.
But I really like this no drinking thing, it is cheap, and refreshing.
I got to hang out with one of my boys yesterday after such a long time, it was really nice and I hope we get to do it again.
I do not know what it is about relationships that draws friends apart. It is not the best feeling in the world now that I have experienced both sides of the coin.
My sincere apologies for not doing TGIFridays for the second Friday running. I will try not to make it a habit.
I finally clocked the 51 follower mark on my blog, thanks a bunch to all of you for following Revealed, I am beyond humbled.
We are ushering in a brand new week, and I pray it will be nothing short of awesome.
I plan on going to church tomorrow now that I never managed to do it today.
I think I should pay Sunrise a visit, try my luck on the slot machines. (No I am not developing a habit lol, I just want to have something exciting to look forward to)
I hope work will not be too hectic this week, though I have a feeling it will. But I will just be diligent and continue praying for patience.
I cannot think of anything else to write about, so I guess I will just stop here.

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