1st of the month

This month has not started off on the very best note. Just found out a guy I ‘knew’ passed away last night, in an accident at home. Totally unexpected, such a young life taken away so soon. Plus he had just started a family, so sad.
I’ve known this guy since I was a kid, but we were not really friends per se. I think my last conversation with him was in 2009. Every other time I saw him after that it was always those internal battles I have with myself about whether he will remember me or if I should say hi. Now he is gone…
Nothing like someone dying unexpectedly to make you re-evaluate life and meagre things like pride.
A few weeks back I read some article by Robin Sharma and he said, always be the first to greet people. I had said I will put this into practise, but I have not done it so diligently, but now I definitely will.
Here is hoping that the rest of March will be much better, and happier.

February Highlights
So valentines day was not a total gag fest, I was not prevy to any over the top expressions of love people usually like to show on cupids day.
I went for my friends baby shower, she is due next month, and we had a really lovely time. I cannot wait for her to give birth.
Celebrated birthdays with so many February babies, that was definitely a delight.
For once in my life, I wanted something and it was given to me like immediately, I am steel reeling over that fact.
I got over my ‘summer fling’ and my pseudo mid life crisis. Turning 25 does things to you, growing old sucks.
I went for Mardi Gras at a pub in Karen, that was definitely lots of fun. We got masquerade masks and mardi gras beads, without having to do anything for them :p
Biggest highlight of course was gaining the power to have whatever I want, I love Februaries for that 🙂 yeah I am not gonna expound so much about that.

February Downsides
The heinous murder of a mutual friend’s mother, so horrific!
My birthday week sucked, no doubt about that. I had a lot of expectations and I was thoroughly disappointed.
I gained lots of insecurities about myself this month, but I’m working on all that so I am at a much better place right now.
He wants nothing to do with me, which is no problem because I do not want anything to do with him either, but how did we get here?
That stupid ship which damaged Kenya’s fibre optic cables, now internet sucks!!

February Discoveries
There is no point in being considerate of others, they do not afford the same courtesy to you.
If you do not spoil yourself, who will?
Life is so short 😦 be happy, don’t hold grudges, live life to the fullest, make sure you leave things with everyone you interact with on a positive note. Be good to everyone while they are still alive.
Let us celebrate each other when we are alive, not after we die.
What you want, may not necessarily be what you need.

What I look forward to in March
Nairobi Fashion Market on the 10th and 11th of this month. If you love fashion, don’t you dare miss it.
My friend is flying in from Denmark, looking forward to hanging with him.
My other friend may be coming home this month from Turkey, I should check with her ( Hey if your reading this 🙂 )

How was your February? What are you looking forward to in March?

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