Lil Wayne has started a very disturbing culture of people drinking cough syrup recreationally. Syzup is cough syrup chased with Pepsi.

As I write this I am trying to get out of a cough syrup induced high, I haven’t been feeling too good and I had noticed I always feel weird every time I drink my cough syrup so today I decided to read the label. I know a tweep who googles every drug prescribed to them, and reads all the pamphlets that come with them. I rarely do that to be honest, but now I have learnt it is important to do so.

Every 20ml of my cough syrup contains 9% alcohol, and I am meant to take 10ml which is 4.5%, same as drinking a beer! I feel light headed, sluggish, my hands are shaking, totally sucks since I am at work. At night at least all that alcohol will come in handy knocking me out for the night.

Enough about my inebriated state of mind :p

My weekend was awesome despite being under the weather. I splurged on myself, got some lovely shoes and a nice ring which I totally dig. I am trying my best not to spend thrift just because I can.

I also found myself forced to hang out with someone who I do not particularly care for, at least it isn’t their personality which bothers me otherwise it would have been torture. Anyhoosmu, I got over my issues with said person, because they only existed because of who they are associated with. Life is too short to hold grudges with people who actually never wronged you.

I rocked my brand spanking new heels at my girls birthday party on Saturday night, I still cannot believe I lasted all night with them 🙂 But my feet are killing me now, I am one twitch away from a muscle pull. I had such a lovely time though, great music, great crowd it totally rocked!

I also discovered the deliciousness that is tricolade (sp) cake from Art Cafe, it’s like layers of mousse or ice cream with a chocolate cake base, so delectable. I cannot wait to go buy myself a slice, it was such a mouthgasm.

I am not a fan of self help books, simply because my memory is GIGO garbage in garbage out so anything I read I will basically forget. But  I got a bunch of them when I graduated, and there was one which said something which I never forgot, though I never always practice it:

Not everything is personal

I tend to take many things personally, sadly little things get to me, I cannot help myself. This of course can be a problem because I end up feeling miserable when all that could have been avoided.

So I hope I can stop catching feelings about little things, because not everything’s personal. But if you think about it, if I am your friend, and you treat me differently from other friends, then isn’t that personal? *Kanye shrug*

In the world there are 3 types of people:

  • Those who view the glass as half full.
  • Those who view the glass as half empty.
  • Those who just drink whatever is in the glass.

I mostly fit into the category of those who just drink whatever is in the glass, it is easier to just make do of the current situation and not think about if it is good or not. But I also view the glass as half empty, it is easier and somewhat safer to view things negatively because when the outcome is good, you end up being unexpectedly surprised. I am too afraid to be optimistic, nothing sucks as much as getting your hopes up then getting disappointed.

But I want to switch things up and become a positive person, who always looks on the bright side of life. Keeping in line with that mentality, I am hoping for a fantastic day, a super week, lots of laughter and excitement, a buyer for my phone, new extra curriculars, finding nice new clothes and just generally to be very happy. This better work 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely week,

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