Of lent and things..

I am not in the best of moods this morning, blame it on only child problems smh. Basically everything is grinding my gears which is not exactly the best feeling grrrrrrr. My throat also feels funny, I hope I am not coming down with something..

Woke up to the news of the death of John Michuki RIP. So Oleitumbi dude was right, tweeps must be swallowing humble pie now, because the dude stood his ground even if they claimed he was alive.

It is funny how when we really want something and we do not get it, we wonder why it was not delivered to us even you felt you were so deserving. On the other hand, have you ever wanted something and you get it like immediately, and you were left wondering why you got it so soon with so much ease? Was it to show that what you wanted was not worth wanting in the first place? That is where I am right now -_-

So today, 22nd February is Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of lent, something I had really been looking forward to. Lent is the period within which we abstain from all those things which keep us further away from God, to strengthen us and prepare us to pray more deeply.

Read more about fasting during lent from here.

As usual I am off Facebook and Twitter for the next 40 days, this period usually does wonders for my phone battery. There are less distractions and temptations, and I fall back on all the latest happenings, but it is usually a great time to do other stuff, like be social for a change and explore other things to do with my self.

I am also abstaining from consuming any alcohol, I will go the extra mile and add soda because I am addicted to those fizzy drinks. I really wonder if I will hack the soda part, the alcohol part will be a breeze… I hope.

I plan on going to church more often, Sunday’s are usually the hardest sadly, hopefully I will be able to this time around. But I will make it a habit to go to church twice a week.

During this period of lent, I would really love to strengthen my faith and remain steadfast in it. I want to bask in God’s grace and seek his mercy. I want to be cleansed of all that is bad and to be filled with goodness.

Good luck to everyone who is fasting.

Happy lenting,


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