Finding love in a hopeless place

Back in 2009, Rihanna and Chris Brown were the formidable couple, young, talented and in love.

The 'happy' times

Then came Grammy night (What is it about the Grammy’s that makes it so action packed and drama filled?) and the couple had a serious altercation  concerning Chris Brown and his supposed infidelity, which quickly turned violent.

CB attempted to shove her out of the vehicle, he smashed her head against the window, he punched her profusely, he bit her on her left ear and on her fingers, Rihanna faced the full brunt of his rage. He even threatened to kill her, get the full details of that fateful night here.

Chris Brown witnessed his mother experiencing domestic violence in their home, and the fact that he ended up doing the same thing to his girlfriend must have given him sleepless nights. A restraining order was put against him barring him from being anywhere near Rihanna, which was very restrictive for him being a performing artist and all. Basically he could never make an appearance at any event which had Rihanna in attendance. He also did community service and I think went to therapy as well.

I think this experience changed the both of them. Rihanna became raunchier, and wild, she was angry, she experimented with her sexuality, over indulged in drugs and alcohol. Some say her single, ‘We found love’ was a depiction of her relationship with CB.

Chris Brown also went through a phase, going blonde, leaking naked pictures of himself and facing a lot of hateration from people everywhere.

There had been rumors going round about the pair being spotted in clubs together and in the studio. They were even photographed at the recently held Grammy awards, and she applauded when he received his awards.

The reactions of #TeamBreezy girls when he won his Grammys was absolutely absurd. ‘Chris Brown can beat me any time.’ is just an example of some of the things these young clueless girls were tweeting about. The fact that young women think domestic violence is okay is simply sickening, it doesn’t matter if he has the voice of an angel and the body of a Greek god.

I do believe that victims of domestic violence should be able to make peace with their attackers and what not, but I look at the aftermath of the beat down Rihanna got and I fear for her and wonder how she interacts with him knowing he caused her so much harm. Doesn’t she freak out when he raises his hand or gets mad? The odds of him being violent again are very high..

Chris Brown has  a steady girlfriend, but the rumors of him reuniting with Rihanna are spreading like wildfire. They did however come together in the studio to make remixes to Rihanna’s single Cake and Chris Brown’s Turn up the music.

This song will be a hit no doubt, I loved it after the first listen. The lyrics are extremely provocative, I wonder if they recorded it together at the same time, I would die to be in that studio and witness whatever chemistry they ignited.

Rihanna is old enough to make her own decisions, she knows that the whole world is against her interacting with Chris Brown, but I doubt that will change anything. We can only hope that Chris Brown exorcised whatever demons that made him attack her, considering the backlash he is always receiving about that whole issue, I doubt he would flip out again.

They are both prolific artists, and I am a huge fan. I bet all these speculations are doing amazing things for their careers.


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2 thoughts on “Finding love in a hopeless place”

  1. i love both as well… and wud remain ma ol tym fav. but its sad knowin abou rihanna gettin beaten up and da break up thing…. but hope for the best fingers crossed!!!!
    thanx for ol dis info.

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