Watching The Bachelor can teach you things!!

I say this without any shame, I love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette TV Shows. *Insert judgment here, I do not care*

This guy's body was the truth!

The producers of this show do a spectacular job of recruiting a bevy of beauties and brawn. It is always entertaining drooling at the hot men, admiring and hating on the beautiful women.

The contestants are shipped off to various exotic locations, places we all know we may never get to visit. They get to embark in all sorts of adrenaline inducing adventures, and extremely romantic dates.

I really love the drama that goes down, a house filled with many men and women will never lack this. The things people will do in pursuit of love or fame are quite ridiculous, but you need wit when it comes to the game of love.

This may be referred to as ‘Reality TV’ but there is nothing realistic about the happenings on these shows. But you can learn a thing or two from these shows.

So imagine if we pursued love as if we were contestants on The Bachelor/Bachelorette?

You have just one chance to create a spectacular first impression in order for him/her to be intrigued by you before they move onto the next one.  They will be so consumed by you that they will barely pay attention to the next person.

If you met the apple of your eye, let us call them AOYE, and you are amongst many people like for example at a party, concert, in church or at a wedding. Places where there are so many other people trying to grab AOYE’s attention, and you have to do something dynamic and shine for them to know you exist and that you are interested.

Maintain eye contact and hold their gaze, make sure you stand out in whatever it is you are doing. Engage in conversation with AOYE and even draw them out to have a private conversation and give them a glimpse of who you really are. This will let AOYE know for sure that you are interested, and hopefully it will not seem like you are coming off too strong.

The contestants of these shows are forced to open up very fast seeing that they are competing with a whole bunch of other people and fighting for someone’s affections within a short period of time.  Maybe you should try opening up and being honest about your intentions with AOYE. Men and women today engage in a lot of mind games which is not only tasking but a complete waste of time. No one is willing to say how they truly feel, so they hint at it hoping the other person will get a clue. Eventually these games take you nowhere. Maybe opening up and being honest may work in your favor. Being blunt really throws people off.

There is the whole concept of the fantasy suite, I do not know whether I would advocate for you to spend the night with the AOYE after a few dates. I guess it depends on your beliefs, your needs and what exactly it is that you are searching for.

I also do not advocate getting engaged after like 2 months or a few dates, there is no hurry in real life, and no one to buy you a sparkly diamond engagement ring.

During courtship, if things do not seem like they will progress into a relationship, most of the time communication just dies down and either one of the parties are left clueless, wondering what went wrong.  First up people need to grow up and just say what is on their minds, if you came across a deal breaker, let the person know. This may help them grow and improve for the next person. (I should take my own advice smh).

The show has this episode where all the contestants are reunited with The Bachelor / Bachelorette and they get to discuss what happened during the show. We can apply this in real life by actually giving people a chance to air out what they feel and for you to be honest about your actions and feelings.

So after reading this hopefully you will give these shows a second chance, if not for entertainment, then maybe to learn a thing or two 🙂



OMG this lady is a contestant in Season 16! I am beyond amazed.


I also think they need to give Black people a serious chance, the contestants are never given roses, and all the bachelors and bachelorettes have always been Caucasians  which is so racist!!

But otherwise, watch it 🙂


6 thoughts on “Watching The Bachelor can teach you things!!

  1. *Inserting judgement below*
    The 2 shows are a total waste of time. Just chicks and dude who literally come out as overly desperate or fame seekers becase think about it….how many of them have actually lasted?One of my top 5 useless reality shows ever.*_*

    • Are you watching the show so that it makes you believe in true love? lol
      It is entertaining, the drama, and the fact that the couples never last make it more interesting.

  2. Yayy!! There are more fans out there 🙂 No judgement from my quarters. Though i havn’t watched all seasons religiously, i absolutely loved Ali’s season (Bachelorette) where she ended up with Roberto (*swoon*). My Mum, sister and I made bets on who would win,hehehe.

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