Out of sight, out of mind

I heard this song for the first time on Monday and I loved it! I really dig the flash mob, Kelly Clarkson can really get down.

Yeah once again I have found myself at that place where it feels like Adele is singing what is in my heart, where all the lyrics all of a sudden seem audible as opposed to the usual blah blah blah. True Love Stories and The Notebook seem to tweet what I am feeling or what I need to hear. Aaarrghhh I cannot wait to get over this phase, it truly blows. I really did not wish to be here again, but I know it is just a passing cloud.

I am also very done with trying to close my unfinished business with certain characters. There is a reason why the deal has never been sealed. Instead of wondering what if, or waiting for a golden opportunity, I will just let that ish go. If anything was meant to happen it would have happened by now.

In other news, Robin Thicke!!!!!

This man can maintain it, free of charge!

Marry me Robin,


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