1st of the month

How cool is this picture?!


Hello February, single awareness month, shortest month of the year, leap year etc etc. I am very excited about this month because anything is possible!

January Highlights

Ushered in 2012 by the beach with my friends, and we had such a blast 🙂

Despite Janworry brokeness, rugby fever hit in a big way, and it’s been so much fun.

Discovered Thursdays are a great day to go out, despite the sufferation on Friday 🙂

Met a lot of new people which is always fun.

I went for very many happy hours :p

Got to celebrate my birthday, with the people closest to me and it was simply phenomenal!

January Downsides

The goodbyes, all the visiting summer bunnies always leave in January sigh.

Being confused, this is the last January I am doing this again!!!

January Discoveries

I am wondering whether I actually learn from my mistakes…

It’s funny how people change once they get into relationships.

No expectations, no disappointments.

Not everyone values the same things.

I am changing my priorities and reviewing my options.

What I Look Forward To In February

Feeling like the world is at my feet, and I have the power to do whatever I want.

Out of sight, out of mind.


How was January for you? What do you look forward to in February?

Kisses and cookies,



2 thoughts on “1st of the month

  1. Your January sure has been interesting. Wish I could say the same. This is one month I would like to go back in time and erase my misdeeds 😦 (I have been really bad)
    Looking forward to a challenging (in a good way) February. Plus I ll have repented and changed my ways …yeah!

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