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To log and catalog desires, wishes, and things you plan to accomplish is by far the most important aspect to actually undertaking goals!

The above sentiments were echoed by Melanie Bowen concerning my blog 🙂 She felt that these actions, capturing your thoughts, could be very useful to people with health struggles. She asked to be featured on my blog to create awareness on health and healing which I agreed without hesitation.

Melanie is a contributor at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog and her personal blog is Milady Knows so you can check out more of her work there.



Crafting, Journaling and You

Life is full of challenges, and when you are faced with devastating life challenges such as medical conditions from mesothelioma, autoimmunedisorders to any other chronic or terminal illness, you need all the tools that you can muster to face it. What you may not know is that one of your most formidable tools may be right at your fingertips; journalingandrecordingyourdreams, desiresandgoals can keep you on track during this tough time, and you’ll find that the comfort as well as the momentum it gives you will make many things apparent.

In the first place, remember that writing is an action. Instead of just having your wishes and your dreams in your head, you are taking action, and making them  into a reality. They have gone from thoughts that only you know into things that can be read and seen by others. No matter what your desires or your ambitions are like, they have become more real, both to yourself and the world.

Writing down these thoughts and feelings are a good way to make sure that you act on them. Simply putting these ideas into a physical format allows you to look at them and organize them. For example, many people have a jumble of thoughts in their head about what kind of work they want to do and what achievements they want to accomplish. When you write them down, you see them all at once. This allows you to prioritize them and to begin to bring them into a reality. Uplift yourself, inspire yourself and motivate yourself all at once.

For example, consider the skills that you want to learn. Do you want to craft more? What kind of crafts draw your eye and what makes your hands itch to try them? If you put down “make a sweater” on your list of dreams and goals, you can now start breaking it down. To make a sweater, you need to learn to knit. This means purchasing a knitting book or asking a friend to teach you. This also means buying needles and yarn, as well as starting with a few small projects to get the rhythm of the needles going in your mind and in your fingers. With a plan in mind, you’ll be knitting sweaters in no time.

There are many ways to write out your desires. You may choose to write them out in a small paper journal that only you have the key to, or you might allow other people who are very close to you to see it. If you love bookbinding or you have a friend that does, make a personal journal just for you. If you are the sharing type, start a blog.

If you are dealing with something like a mesotheliomaprognosis as mentioned before take a moment to take care of your soul as well outside of treatment. Bleak news may come with emotions that can me malleable by you! Nurture your dreams and allow them to help you through this rough time.


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