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Savvy Kenya started blogging back when no one knew what a blog was, I think it is fit to refer to her as a veteran blogger. She chronicled her University life on The Diary of a Kenyan Campus Girl . She now has her own domain, check out her website Savvy Kenya where she blogs about everything from sports, technology, entertainment, graduate school, various events, traveling, there is something there for everyone.

Savvy is a prolific writer, love how she describes everything to detail, helping you create a mental picture to go with her words.  I think what I find most intriguing about her is the fact that she would like to be a sports writer, an area most women have not ventured into. From her love for Kenyan football, it is very evident from her posts that she would excel at it.

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My sojourn to Sabina Joy

Relax. I’m not getting into the flesh business. I was curious.

See, there was a time this blog of some prostitute named Sue  was the in-thing. Everyone read and praised her written word, so I wasn’t to be left behind. The first few posts were ok, enjoyable to read even. The stories seemed plausible. Asked by readers when/where/how/why she ventured into the trade, she wrote a post on how her first attempt was at Sabina Joy. Sabina Joy, simply known as SJ or Karumaindu (so I hear) has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It’s a famed brothel. In my mind, I pictured it to be in those dingy alleys somewhere near River Road.

So when I was told that it was just next to Ambassador Hotel, I was shocked! It is located on Moi Avenue, and the entrance is between Nevada Fish and Chips and an M-Pesa Kiosk. You can easily miss it. I decided I was going to follow my spirit of adventure into this brothel located in broad daylight, just to see what goes on. I know, I know, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what happens inside a whore-house..but still.

On a Wednesday evening, I had managed to generate enough interest in a friend of mine (female) and dragged her along with me to SJ. At the entrance begins a flight of stairs covered in a red, threadbare and dirty carpet (did I arrange my adjectives well?!). Since it was at an off-peak time, there were no girls along the stairs sitting with feet apart, no panties (so I hear!). They generally grab you anywhere and everywhere as you ascend into the den of sin.

With trepidation we finally reached the bar, the nerve center, where the conjugal negotiations took place. I said it was off-peak time so the place had about 10 people in total, including the waitresses and barman. Let me try describing the room. As you enter, on your left corner is the bar. More like a metal cage, not those fancy bars at the clubs with high stools and a smiling barman. The bar in this case was like a cell, covered by bars, with crates of beer stocked high.

We scanned across the room, looking for a place to sit. The chairs and tables were low, the tables covered in cheap plastic covers. Near the bar sat a group of women, obviously prostitutes. If you are looking for hot hookers, try elsewhere. SJ has this kind of women who are on the other of the weight scale, who wear short skirts exposing cellulite thighs and short tight tops exposing a well fed stomachs. The ladies were not drinking anything, just looking around.

At the other corner sat a few men, all looking forlornly into their beers. We sat nearby and tried to settle in, like we were at a regular pub. The waitress came to take our order. My friend tried to ask for gin and tonic! Here’s something you should know, they don’t serve anything in a glass, just straight from the bottle! In the end we had to settle for beers. Near us, a man was having a beer while buying soda for some hooker. After they agree on price, they’ll go upstairs and rent rooms, paying per the hour or for a whole night.

Usually, ladies of the night don’t buy drinks, and if they are bought for drinks, only soda. So we weren’t acting or looking the part. Of course we were the subject of bold stares or furtive looks. We wondered what we were doing there, because you don’t go to SJ for ‘one for the road’ or an evening drink with a friend. The ambience doesn’t allow it. The music was some old school rumba, which was turned low for the evening news on the TV mounted on a wall. We left soon after that drink, not having seen much action.

I had seen SJ, where ladies sell their bodies for as little as 50 bob for a shot (I suppose a quickie by the corridors leading to the washrooms) and a night will cost you 1200 or so. The men at SJ could not look at someone in the eye. Most frequenters of SJ are broke students. The men look normal, respectable. Is it that they can’t get any women to sleep with them for free? Ok, sex is never really free if you consider money spent on dates, taxi fare, emotional stuff etc. But these indirect payments before sex help maintain our dignity.

Why would a virile, normal looking man look for a hooker for sex? I wonder.


27 thoughts on “Guest post – Savvy Kenya

  1. …but these indirect payments before sex help’s maintain our dignity.. couldnt have put it in any other way.

    simple and brilliant piece.
    Q: when will you go at peak hours???..

  2. iv been there at peak hours so let me offer two clarifications
    a. there are really beautiful hookers there, but on weekends alone, especially end month
    b. n i hear the place is quite safe, you cant get robbed by the hookers.
    c. No, I was just curious so I have no idea how they perform hehe

    good read.

  3. Interesting! A few years ago, I read a vivid description of what really happens in there from someone who went to ..err..sample the goods on offer. I wish I could remember the link.

    Quite bold of you to venture into such a place.

  4. I was once a frequent quest there, i was ‘always curious’…lol BUT, i only went there to look and have my desire gratified just by looking at good looking women with short revealing skirts, i would change my table almost 4 times to have a better ‘view’ of a particular woman who happens to seat with legs wide open. And when they realize you are peeping, they make the view even clearer. I would then leave with an alarming HBP, and as soon as i hit the last stair case to join the street, you wouldn’t tell if i came from the Mpesa shop, SJ or the food shop cos of the trick in turns to confuse anyone who may know me and may have set eyes on me…lol. But i hated using their washrooms as most broke men who are sexually malnourished would jam the urinal wanking!!!!!!!!

  5. Great article Savvy. we should go for an adventure to either SJ at peak hours or to a downtown strip club! send me a text I wnt to go! 0724605387

  6. sj is the bomb, the pokos are pocketfriendly na unlike tuchics hakuna strings attached ,as usual.During my heydays at JKUAT,oh juja boys, karumaindo was our mecca. Almost Everybody doing eng was a member. Check out the joints along luthuli especially one called NEW AMAR, utapenda؛

  7. this is lyk teh 4th article am reading bout karumaido, SJ, but all the writers have never ‘sampled’ the goods on sale, think al have to go and do it masef, lol

  8. dangerous place if you asked me,more so when you talk of being robbed by em girls!! is it a frequent occurrence or a once in awhile thing?n when are the peak hours

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