Of preconceived misconceptions

Men like to be conceived as strong, manly, unemotional, brave, gentlemen etc etc.
But I am always shocked when I discover that they are anything but that. Whenever that happens it really confuses me. Men are meant to be strong, what are these feelings you are catching now from nowhere? What is with the sensitivity? Leave that to us women.
I had a very interesting time last night. Met a bunch of new people, many new men, by the way I take it back! It’s raining men in Nairobi! The rates in which I spot eye candy have greatly increased, even in the office!
Anyhoosmu (the guy who taught me that word is back, he looks sooo good, that’s a post for another day) we had a very heated debate last night about the perceptions we have about men and women in Nairobi.
Ladies, men have the worst opinion of us right now. We are now those chics who are gold diggers, we apparently only give rich men with money, and houses the time of day.
We go to the club expecting men to buy as drinks, instead of actually taking the time to get to know the guy. We apparently rule them off if we think they do not fit the bar when it comes to financial status.
It seems like men are never spoilt by women, most of the chaps we were arguing with about this really just want to meet a woman who will buy them a drink for a change, who will engage them in intelligent conversation and like them for who they are and not what is in their wallet.
I do not mind buying a guy a drink, until I discovered a guy will know you are into them if you by them drinks. Is there any truth to this? Because I never buy drinks for guys I like ever since then. But now I think I will buy men drinks more often, just to confuse them 🙂
So yeah we women want men who can by us things, drive us around, we were basically depicted as shallow and very materialistic beings.
I will not deny that many women fit under that bill, but not all of us are the same.
Society has raised us to believe that men are meant to cater to women, is it wrong for us to expect to be provided for?
Expectation and reality are two different things. I may expect you to take care of me, but that doesn’t mean I will not be prepared to take care of myself if need arises.
What I feel nowadays is that men tend to our needs, expecting something in return. Like an investment which they expect a return.
As a result, personally, I do not expect men to buy me things or take care of me. If you feel like spoiling me, knock yourself out, but do it out of your own free will. Do it because doing nice things for me makes you happy because you know I will be pleased. Do not be chivalrous because it is what society has made you think I expect. Get to know me first before you categorise me as a gold digger.

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