Itikadi Fashion Gallery

James Otieno is the talented mastermind behind Itikadi Fashion House. I have known him for a couple of years, he was that guy who used to rock his own custom made cool polo shirts, with the collar popped looking all dope 🙂  I am a sucker for customized things, nothing stands out more like unique, one of a kind attire.

He started out with jerseys and polos, and has now progressed to women’s clothes. James had the privilege of showcasing his pieces at FAFA and The African Fashion Fair, and this past Sunday he launched his 70’s inspired  collection.

The show was nicely executed at The Pride Inn on Rhapta Road in Westlands and many people came out to show him support.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

James did a phenomenal job with this line, I cannot wait to see his next collection. I am positive he is going to soar to even greater heights.



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