2nd guest post for Christmas ~ KevDaNative

I really wanted to feature a photo blog this year, and the first blogger that came to mind was KevDaNative.

Kevin is a freelance photographer, who dabbles between Canon Rebel and Nikon D90 cameras. He has immortalized various events in picture form like Kinanda Fest, All that Jazz, Safaricom Sevens and many more. He also does  photo shoots where he manages to capture the beauty within everyone with just a click of his camera. I particularly like his black and white, and sepia shots, they are simply amazing.

Maybe this is where I should mention how I would love to get behind his lens my Christmas wish :p.

He recently launched his own website kevdanative.com spare a minute and witness the magic he captures behind his camera.

Introducing the handsome KevDaNative 🙂



Smiles and Sunshine


My name is Kevin and I love taking pictures. I don’t know when my love for pictures came about but it absolutely makes me happy to keep on clicking away.

My favorite style if you can call it that is portrait photography. Why you ask? Because of the smiles. A smile is a beautiful thing. It can make the crappiest of days seem like a skip through a field of flowers and other soft things. A smile can express emotions no words can ever convey. Is it not right then that a thousand words be conveyed by such?

Christmas is about smiles, it’s about   sharing a laugh with friends, family and loved ones. It’s a season to be jolly regardless of your beliefs and or practices. For me, its about appreciating where I’m from and looking forward to where I’m headed. It’s giving time to my family and those that matter in my life, spending time with those that I’ve neglected due to one reason or the other. It’s about sharing smiles.

Ever since I started concentrating on photography for my blog, my writing mojo disappeared. I guess I found another avenue to express myself. Now I’ve run out of words. Enjoy a few pictures. Thank you to the ever so awesome Nkirdizzle for hosting me.

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