1st of the month

I am so ready for December, it is after all, the season to be jolly ain’t it? 🙂 My word, 2011 is practically finished!

November Highlights

This month started off with a big bang, crashed an awesome party of a new friend. She really went all out and I met so many people I had not seen in a minute.  Went for another party same night, did some fun things 😉

I went for Safaricom Sevens at Nyayo Stadium, we were all skeptical about it but I think it was a tremendous success.

I went for both days Saturday and Sunday, I enjoyed myself tremendously.

I bumped into someone I had unfinished business with. You know those people you meet that tickle your fancy, but you parted ways without exchanging contacts or anything, but you know you would bump into each other again? Yeah, well I met that guy this month. It was thoroughly entertaining, he is blunt, interesting and quite the charmer, but once again we never exchanged contacts, okay I refused to give him my number which I sort of regret but I know I will see him again so hey *shrugs*.

I got another chance to go quad biking in Lukenya, had fun but it was quite tedious.

I also got to meet someone after like 2 years, he is even more handsome than I remembered, and smells so good 🙂 Yes, I get cheap thrills.

So yeah November was nice and polite, got to spend some time with my cousin which was very cool.

I got a cassette adapter for my car and it has transformed my driving experience! I bump to my own music in traffic and i love it.

November Downsides

There was nothing really awful about November, and for that I give God the glory 🙂

November Discoveries

If you want something, go out and get it.

Cameras and camera phones are everywhere!!! Beware!

You keep flaking out on me 😦 I am done trying to make an effort, though I miss you terribly … To my very good friend who I have not seen in a while.

Dance, EDM, Progressive, Kwaito, House music is well on the way of overtaking my love for Hip Hop, Pop and R&B.

No need to waste time and energy on people who are not the least bit bothered to do the same for you.

What I Look Forward To In December

I heart Christmas! Kicking it with the family, stuffing your face in, what’s not there to love?? I have no idea what we plan on doing this Christmas, but apparently karaoke is in the works so I am excited about that.

Summer Bunnies!!! Yes, many Kenyans are coming home for Christmas, some I know, others I will get to know if you catch my drift 😉

Jamhuri day is on Monday, can you say 3 day weekend?? Though I do not have any grand plans, I am still very much excited about it 🙂

I am still not sure I will break for the holidays, but cross your fingers for me please.

Most of all I am looking forward to the fun times and holiday cheer 🙂

How was November for you? What are you looking forward to this December?




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