Monday Riff Raff

So Monday is usually the day where I reflect about life, after the happenings of the weekend. I dunno why but for some reason I learn a lot of things after weekends, especially crazy ones.

This past weekend was nice and polite, kicked it with my friends and had fun catching up. Though I still have not properly gone out dancing, and my feet cannot stand it.

I stumbled upon the above picture and wondered if I could do some of the things it says. Like the first item on the list, i have been staring at my phone for the longest time. He cannot possibly be waiting for me to do something, could he? Sometimes I wonder if he thinks of me as much as I think of him, and the answer that I conjure up in my head is that he doesn’t…

So I decide, every single time, that I will get him out of my head, but he doesn’t get out, instead he hides out at a little corner at the back of my mind . The closer we get to December, the closer he gets to coming out of hiding.

Then I stumble upon this, and my decision to just expunge him from my entire being goes out the window. Anyway I will decide what to do when and if he is ever in my presence….

I also really need to learn how to listen to my instinct, sometimes I do things knowing they are mistakes, but I just ignore that nagging voice in my head and do them anyway, knowing I will regret not listening  to myself smh. I have no idea why I do this, but hopefully I will consciously decide to listen to my instinct the next time it speaks to me, because it may be my only true friend.

You know how you can meet someone and just get that feeling that there is something not right with them? I do not, I never have them 6th sense if I  can call it that.  I tend to look for the good in people, and maybe my judgement may be impaired by good looks too 😉

But there are some people  that I do have a 6th sense about, and I am failing a bit when it comes to staying away from them -_- but I am back on my guard.

I also learnt that sometimes, maybe the people you are meant to trust are not so trustworthy… I dunno, sometimes it is difficult to know who to trust.

Enjoy the last few days of November,




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