Do I have my groove back?

Having been in and out of a relationship sort of put me in a slump. I wanted nothing to do with men, which is really a sad mindset to be in once you get out of a relationship.
I had mentioned before how it sort of left me broken in the sense that I really did not feel good about myself.
Anyhoosmu I embarked on a journey to love myself and be in control over my own happiness and it worked wonders.
I am in a spectacular place right now, life is good and I am revelling in it.
Maybe men can see it because they seem to be drawn to me. I do not mind the attention, I just wish it came from better avenues…
Don’t you just hate it when you meet a group of guys, and you are digging the hot one, but it’s his ballsy friend who hits on you more than the cute one?
That happened to me yesterday, got to hang with this really hot guy with the cutest dimples and his friend. Though I could tell he was drawn to me, he really did not make a significant move on me. Which is a shame because I have been dying to see him since 2009 -_- but I let it slide since he was baked and inebriated. His friend however, really kept looking for me. He was not a viable prospect since he has baggage and his smile is too gummy lol (you forget I can be superficial?!)
The list of forbidden fruits keep increasing, I won’t lie I am tempted, but there is really no need to get myself involved with such dudes who will bring me drama. I like my life sucker free.
I met this dude in September, you know those types of guys who you meet and you know you have unfinished business? Yeah well that was him. I met him last weekend, and we picked up where we left off.
He is really interesting, kind of intense because he is bluntly honest, and asks me the most difficult questions smh.
And just like last time, we have unfinished business yet again, I just don’t know if I actually want to finish the business…
Basically, I am back in the game. Hopefully I won’t make the same mistakes as my past relationships, and that soon enough I will be able to figure out what the hell I want..

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