Take Care ~ Drake’s sophomore album

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Take Care was leaked 9 days before it’s official release date, I wonder what effect that will have on his album sales. This LP is a more mellow and rhythmic production from Drake, not really focusing on Rap.  This album has already received a lot of criticism; let us see how the industry will perceive it.

The following is my take on some of the songs on this album:

Crew love

I love the instrumentals on this joint, and the vocals done by The Weeknd are good, kinda sounds like Trey Songs.

Take Care

Rihanna does the hook for the song, and she sounds awesome. These two clearly create magic together when they collaborate. The lyrics for this song are amazing and I like the interlude, sounds like something Timberland would do.

That truth hurts, and those lies heal.

Marvins Room

Everybody who has just gotten out of a relationship can relate to this song. Numerous covers were done, most popularly Jojo’s cover which is the female version of the song. The song was originally not slated for this album, but was included due to it’s tremendous success.

Make me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj

The hook, which is repetitive, just sticks in your head, inadvertently making it catchy in its own right.

I still find it shocking that Nicki can sing, and she does it well.

Lord Knows ft Rick Ross

I love the whole choir thing going on in this track, they really give the song some oomf. Rick Ross and Drake pair up once again to make yet another hit.

The hustles an art, I painted what I could think.

Camera/Good ones go

The only thing I like about this song is the chorus, I do not like Drake’s monotone voice in this song.

The interlude, The good ones go, has some amazing lyrics and we are exposed to Drake’s singing prowess.

Doing it wrong ft Stevie Wonder

This is definitely not the right type of music to listening to if you are in a troubling relationship. Drake belts it all out in this song, talking about how things are not going right. I really wish Stevie Wonder had contributed vocally not just instrumentally. I think he would have added a little something to the song.

The real her ft Lil Wayne and Andre 3000

Lil Wayne and Andre 3000 save this song from being luck luster in my opinion, they sound good and have great lyrics.

HYFR ft Lil Wayne

Finally Drake goes hard on this joint and shows us that although he has gone all soft in this album, he still has something for people who like rap.

Lil Wayne is on the hook which is quite catchy.

Look what you’ve done

‘it’s just words, but they cut deep.’

The lyrics on this song  make a good story, but apart from that it doesn’t really appeal to me much.


I really like this song, and the instrumentals remind me of some old hip hop song, which I do not recall right now.

I haven’t yet heard track number 17 and 18 yet, I am hoping they will be out of the Take Care box if that makes sense.



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